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Date night Thursday... at Nosh and Bottle...

“Hanging with friends” at Nosh and Bottle tonight. My “hanging” I mean hanging crystals on a table chandelier that Nancy Schachtner, Co-Owner of Nosh and Bottle, says will be hung from the ceiling and some other changes to create a nighttime friendly atmosphere. Fun place to relax and enjoy some great food and beverages.

Mark A McKee‎ to A Taste of Irving
Nosh and Bottle, what more can I say; spectacular! 

We had a tour provided by @executivechefJohn; tastings, samplings and plenty of sipping. 
The selection is incredible, the charcuterie board and suggested sampling plate was spot on. 
We met co-owner, Jim, incredibly humble and such a great person. Irving is very fortunate to have this addition to the city. We talked about it the entire ride home, it made that big of an impression on us. 
Cheers to all you do and can't wait to return!

*pictured, nostalgic egg salad, hearty and creamy; hummus- top notch and the blue vein Cambazola cheese, gorgonzola's little brother, but smooth and rich, among others*

 — at Nosh and Bottle.

Nosh & Bottle is my favorite date spot in Dallas.

Yea, I might be a little bias because it’s super close to my place and I never want to drive anywhere, but I promise it’s much more than that.

The owner is a really cool guy and he’s put together a really cool staff.

He has a Fromager on staff. (Basically a sommelier for cheese.) Everyone there seems to be pretty knowledgeable about wine and can give you what I feel is a boutique wine buying experience.

Now you would think that a fancy place like this would be mad expensive but it’s really not that bad. The last date I went on I paid about $15 for a whole bottle and about  $12 for a cheese board that had two different types of brie, fig jam, crushed almonds, and caramelized pecans. It was worth every penny.

My favorite part about this place is that you can buy a bottle at a regular price but sit down and drink it in the store!

Last time I was there I got myself a bottle, sat down, chopped it up with the staff, then recorked my bottle and took it home for another day. You can’t beat that fam! 20 DOLLARS!


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